Brightwave Conference

London, UK, November 2015

Opening Keynote

for Learning and Development Professionals

The Brightwave Group is a leading agency providing next generation learning products and services. Allister delivered the keynote address at the company’s annual client conference in London, UK on the topic “Ever upwards: How Technology Changes Everything”.

  • I’ve heard the brilliant Allister Frost speak many times, it’s a pleasure to have him present at an event I’m running.
    - Brightwave 2 - Event Director, Brightwave
  • The pace and content was exactly what we had hoped for in the keynote, and there was plenty of buzz going into the afternoon about the themes and facts you shared.
    - Brightwave - Head of Marketing, Brightwave
  • Fascinating talk on the development of Moore’s Law: ‘Everything you hold in your hand is obsolete already
    - Brightwave 3 - L&D Delegate


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