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Strategically-grounded social media marketing and selling

What is it?

Advanced techniques for the latest social media trends

Effective marketing on the social web demands up-to-date knowledge and techniques. The days of free reach on social channels are long behind us. We bring you into the pay-to-play era with winning strategies and insights.

Knowing how to leverage the major social networks should be central tenet of every organisation’s marketing strategy. But staying ahead in this fast-changing arena can be challenging.

We help you understand the commercial strategies that underpin leading social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, unlocking fresh opportunities to gain competitive advantage and extend your audience reach. The social media world never sleeps; we’ll bring you bang-up-to-date and help kick-start new, winning communication strategies.

  • Allister was incredibly knowledgeable, has a very impressive background and is very passionate about social media. His passion was contagious and spread across the group very quickly. Allister's demeanour and caring attitude to all in the group gave a personal touch and allowed me to connect to his style of teaching very quickly.
    - Natasha Tooray - Account Manager, TradeTracker
  • It was just a joy to learn from a leading industry professional. It's been a long time since I attended any kind of course and now I am hungry to learn more!
    - Social Media 8 - Head of Sales & Marketing
  • Allister was excellent and made this course incredibly useful and  fun to attend. Overall: Excellent, highly recommended for anyone who wants to use social media as an effective marketing tool to actually reach the right customers and contribute towards achieving sales
    - Social Media 5 - Marketing Manager, Kendrick Homes
  • A very good course to get you thinking about the opportunity. The whole structure worked. Allister clearly has a lot of transferable experience
    - Social Media 3 - B2B Marketing Manager
  • Very informative, good for looking at the bigger picture that social media plays in organisational strategy and actions to make it more effective
    - Social Media 1 - External Comms Marketing Manager
  • Allister is great at demystifying the often overwhelming world of social media. He breaks the subject down really well and provides a great forum for learning and discussion.
    - Rory Batho - Marketing Manager, Travel Industry
  • I thought it was great that the day was personalised and that Allister had researched my company's social media accounts prior to the course.
    - Social Media 5 - Director of Communications
  • Absolutely loved this Social Media course! Allister was intelligent with loads of useful insight and information in Social Media and made the day very enjoyable! There was so much knowledge from Allister that I was really impressed with. His detail into each topic, his knowledge and understanding and his kind-natured patience was very comforting. I would highly recommend this course.
    - Social Media 11 - HR Manager
  • Allister’s presentation manner was exceptional and he conveyed all of his knowledge incredibly clearly. The 8 hour day flew by! I was absorbed and left the session knowing much more about the state of social media than when I went in.
    - Social Media 4 - Marketing Director
  • Allister was a fantastic teacher- so knowledgeable, warm and funny. The course covered many topics and was extremely informative - I feel like I learnt a lot.
    - Abi Tottenham-Smith - Social Media & Communications Manager
  • Enjoyed every minute of the day! Very helpful input on Social Media from a highly knowledgeable trainer.
    - Social Media 6 - PR & Marketing Executive, Mack Brooks Exhibitions
  • This course was outstanding. My expectations of an advanced course were high and this by far outstripped them. Allister was a superb trainer/facilitator and really opened our eyes to practical and strategic approaches we can build into our Social Media planning, and how to dramatically improve the effectiveness of what we do.
    - Catherine Hinchcliff - Head of Corporate Marketing, Bidfood
  • The course leader was excellent and made this course incredibly useful and a fun course to attend. Excellent, highly recommended for anyone who wants to use social media as an effective marketing tool to actually reach the right customers and contribute towards achieving sales.
    - Social Media 9 - Head of Marketing
  • A great course, delivered well, very informative and will inspire you to look at new ways to use social media
    - Social Media 2 - Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Very informative course on Advanced Social Media. We have attended social media courses before and this course went into a much greater detail.
    - Social Media 7 - Marketing Executive


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