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What is tailor-made?

A custom-built training experience for your unique needs

Every organisation is different. And the people within it are more different still. That’s why we tailor-make the vast majority of our in-company training experiences to meet each client’s unique needs and culture. You’re not average, nor should your training be.

Experience tells us that generic, off-the-peg training workshops often produce generic, one-size-fits-all results. Our approach is different; we understand your needs first, then design the perfect learning experience for your unique situation.

The topics we cover in our tailor-made programmes are rich and diverse. From deep-dive training on how to excel when communicating through a specific social network to email marketing masterclasses built around your own emails and data. That’s why we call it tailor-made; the end result is as unique as you are.

We start by helping you define your training requirements. Through a series of simple questions, we’ll seek to understand where your organisation is at, and define a vision for where you’d like to get to. We’ll then design a capability-development programme to fit your needs and budget. The end result can be anything from a one-off training workshop to a series of blended learning experiences to help your team grow and excel.

  • Very interesting and insightful, relevant and useful. Really engaging, got my brain working!
    - Tailor-made 8 - Marketing Manager, Retail
  • “Fantastic knowledge and a true insight into digital marketing" – Jack Ellis “A fantastic insight into the modern world of digital marketing" – Amelia Marriott “As always, great quality content which is practical to use!"– Emma Carter “Fantastic insight into digital marketing for those who aspire to constantly improve" – Glen Wilson-Sutter
    - Tailor-made 9 - Marketing Managers, Telecoms
  • Team feedback on the session has again been really positive.  Your style has really resonated with them and we are really excited to take this forward. The team are already on with their actions; this has given us a lot to think about. Many thanks
    - Tailor-made 6 - Marketing Lead
  • I would  like to thank you for the amazing energy and a wonderful workshop. We would love to have you with us again.
    - Tailor-made 11 - CEO Advertising Industry
  • Great atmosphere, pace and vibe! Great content too!
    - Tailor-made 10 - Senior Planner, Advertising Agency
  • On my way home from my 3rd and final marketing training event with Allister Frost FCIM and feel positively bursting with new ideas! Leaving Vodafone HQ in Newbury feeling excited...
    - Tailor-made 5 - Marketing Manager, Telecoms
  • Very insightful and relevant for the team. Informative and useful to our challenges at the moment.
    - Tailor-made 3 - EMEA Marketing Manager
  • I just wanted to drop a personal note to say thanks for the session yesterday. It was incredibly valuable and thought provoking and I hope we can build on it further in the future.
    - Tailor-made 7 - Account Manager
  • Brilliant! Really relevant to where we need to go as a company. The exercises made us think in a different way and really pushed us creatively.
    - Tailor-made 2 - APAC Marketing Executive
  • I often struggle to stay interested and engaged during training, but not in this course. Really enjoyed it, top marks!
    - Tailor-made 4 - Marketing Manager, Retail Sector
  • I thought it was a great way to re-motivate the whole team whilst helping us refocus our media and content objectives.
    - Tailor-made 1 - Global Marketing Manager, Financial Services Sector

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