Embrace your Inner Idiot

We’re all flawed. None of us are perfect.

And I was reminded of this while reading Pippa Evans’ excellent book ‘Improv Your Life.’ Towards the end of the book, Pippa shares a “post-revelation poem” entitled ‘The Glorious Idiot,’ where she lays bare the realisation that it’s OK to be yourself.

For reasons I cannot fully explain, her words resonated loudly with me 😉 So, I thought I should share a few brief excerpts with you:

The Glorious Idiot, by Pippa Evans (excerpts from the full poem)

It took me a while to realise
Because I got told— ‘Don’t be an idiot!’
So even though I had an inkling
That I might be an idiot—
I did what I was told and tried to be
Anything other than an idiot.

Then, one day, I awoke and thought:
You are killing yourself trying NOT to be an idiot!!!
So I say to you—‘I AM AN IDIOT!’

Idiots keep eating pastries even though they know they are full.
I want to be my best self.
And my best self is an idiot.
A glorious idiot!
A beautiful, stupid, clever, hideous, amazing idiot.

Remember, it’s always better to be an authentic idiot, than a weak imitation of someone you’re not. Be yourself; everyone else is taken 🙂

You can get the full poem, and an entire book of wonderful advice, at your favourite bookstore. It’s Improv your Life by Pippa Evans, published by Hodder Studio. Enjoy!