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Virtual keynotes and training workshops are ideal for those times when you cannot get the whole team together or when your audience is spread around the globe.

From our purpose-built UK production studio, Allister delivers live and pre-recorded talks and interactive learning experiences to meet each audience’s unique requirements.

Every event is different. Get in touch to find out why.

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Behind The Scenes – Virtual Production

I've been impressed by Allister's ability to get people onboard and have them taking action. My team members gained skills that help us drive growth and increase our brand visibility. I can easily say that Allister is one of the best in his field!


Frederic Clement

Chief Marketing Officer, GE Healthcare

The feedback was very positive. Everybody appreciated and valued the programme. I highly recommend Alister as a motivational speaker and a coach.


Sancia Gracias

Product Manager, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Australia

Have re-watched this a couple of times now. Seemed like just the perfect tone of closing plenary to me. Really good stuff.


Simon Scriver

Co-founder, Fundraising Everywhere

For each member of the team, improvements are strong. These courses help create a new YOU!


Alexandre Tanesie-Reiser

Account Manager, Leica Micrososystems

An *EPIC* closing plenary to rejuvenate fundraisers from around the world. Thank you Allister Frost - you crushed it!


Nikki Bell

Co-founder, Fundraising Everywhere

An informative and entertaining series of online workshops. We all found them valuable and insightful! You make the topic very relatable!


Tina Cracknell

Marketing Team Lead, UBS Wealth Management

Allister's expert knowledge of his subject is second to none, whilst his enthusiasm for it is infectious too. And his ability to elucidate seemingly complex ideas makes him an invaluable resource. You can rest assured that you've made the right decision.


Matt Desmier

Director, Wise Old Uncle Ltd

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