Getting to ‘Like’: 20 Great Places to do it

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of gaining ‘Likes’ from people on social networking sites and highlighted how not to do it.

But many other businesses are also guilty of failing to attract ‘Likes’ in the right way. Consider, for example, this pieces of copy I saw recently on a direct mail piece:

Like us on Facebook at[product]

Now, why would I want to do that? What’s in it for me? If the company had thought about me, the customer, they might have come up with some more engaging copy like:

Connect with other [product] users and join the conversation at[product]

Doesn’t that entice you in more? By putting the customer first and making the copy consumer-focussed, you can dramatically increase the likelihood of winning a ‘Like’.

People are motivated to respond to a ‘Like’ request in lots of different ways, but the most effective triggers I’ve tested are, in priority order:

  • discounts/offers
  • free samples
  • gaining insider information
  • early warning of future offers/sales
  • games or entertainment content
  • exclusive content not available elsewhere.

But where is it right to ask for a ‘Like’? Well, frankly, almost anywhere these days. Social media is so pervasive and commonplace, most of your customers will instantly understand what you’re offering. So, here’s a list of 20 great places to remind your customers that they can hook up with you on social networking sites:

  1. On your product packaging (what better way to connect your online experience to actual product usage?)
  2. On every page of your website
  3. On every email you send
  4. On every direct mail piece you post
  5. On invoices and receipts
  6. On your letterheads
  7. On your business cards and compliments slips
  8. On your advertising, in print, outdoors, online, even on TV
  9. In your evergreen Yellow Pages ads
  10. In your product manuals or instructions
  11. In telesales scripts
  12. On discount vouchers and promotional leaflets
  13. On your company vehicles
  14. In the reception waiting area
  15. On your visitor badges or passes
  16. On every water cooler and vending machine
  17. In automated email signatures
  18. On your voicemail messages
  19. On the sign at the front of your premises
  20. On the chairman’s golf umbrella 😉

It’s simple really, just look around you. There are many places where a ‘Like’ request can be legitimately placed. And, if you use the right copy and ask in the right way, you can dramatically increase your fan base in a short space of time.