LinkedIn Company Pages: a no-brainer for your business

Microsoft Company Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has long had a feature called Company Pages, where approved company personnel can post information and updates about their organisation. This is a particularly useful feature for researchers and can help people learn key facts about your business without having to leave the LinkedIn site. Adding a basic company page to LinkedIn costs nothing; to get started go to Once created, you can add details about products and services, job vacancies and even post regular status updates on behalf of your company to share your latest news. And, thanks to some changes implemented by LinkedIn very recently, these updates will now appear on the homepage of any LinkedIn users who follow your company – neat!

Of course, as with any social networking activity, the free service will only take you so far. If you want to build a strong virtual following you may need to invest with some cold hard cash in advertising on the LinkedIn network or to send InMails invitations to your page to customers and prospects.

But, whatever you do, be sure to explore these pages and decide what sort of presence your company should have on the world’s leading professional social network. It’s free, easy and a complete no-brainer.

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