Social media usage: have we peaked?

New data released today by Forrester shows that the ways we use the internet today are largely unchanged compared to six months ago. This is in stark contrast to previous studies which have always shown our usage patterns shifting. Now, it seems, the profile of internet users may be starting to reach a mature state, which begs the question: has social media reached its peak?

The Forrester Technographics® Online Benchmark Survey shows the percentage of all online adults that exhibit one of seven types of behaviour.  From the Inactives at the bottom of the ladder (the most primitive of online species) to the Creators at the top (the geeks, like me), this study provides a fascinating insight into how we use the internet.

But what’s most interesting here is that little has changed in the six months between the two surveys. Could we have reached the plateau that many have predicted, the point at which our online behaviour matures and we settle into more consistent behaviours over time? And if that’s the case, is this the perfect time for marketers to commit themselves fully to embracing the social web?

I’ve summarised the new data below for you (click to enlarge):

Forrester Technographic Ladders Q4 2009 to Q2 2010

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