Tagxedo: it’s like Wordle on steroids

Tag clouds are a great way of synthesising lots of content into a readily digestible graphic but until now they’ve been rather lacklustre and dull.

That’s why I love Tagxedo which, as the name suggests, is a great way to show off your content in all its finery. You can create a word cloud from numerous sources including a web page, a Twitter stream, an RSS feed or even a search query. But the best bit is you can then customise your Tagxedo to your heart’s content, changing the colour schemes, shape, typefaces and orientation. And, once you’re happy with the results you can export your Tagxedo as an image file, grab some embed code to place on your website, or get it printed onto a t-shirt or other gift at Zazzle. Very neat!

A couple of my efforts: here’s this blog in the shape of a bomb (why not?!):

This blog on Tagxedo

And here’s what the search engines think of your author, Allister Frost, shaped, predictably enough, as a banana:

Allister Frost on Tagxedo

Have a play with Tagxedo at http://www.tagxedo.com/ and let me know what you create!