4oD – First UK on demand broadcaster for PC


Channel 4 has announced the imminent availability of a video-on-demand service for viewers with PC internet access. NTL and Telewest (cable) customers have been able to use 4oD for a while, but from 6th December any internet user will be able to download C4 shows for 99p. The downloaded file will expire 48hours after viewing. Or for £1.99 the expiration will be removed allowing you to view your favourite shows for all eternity. Films will also be available for £1.99, although the DRM expiry cannot be removed from these files.
So now there’s no reason to get all het up when you forget to record your favourite show or when a colleague tells you about the amazing programme that you missed on TV last night. From 6th December, just head over to the 4oD website and buy whichever shows you want. The TV on demand era is hotting up.