Another PowerPoint Power Tip

As a follow up to yesterday’s PowerPoint 2007 tip, here’s another useful ‘guideline’ that perfectionists like me will enjoy using.image

– You can view on-screen Drawing Guides by right-clicking on a blank section of a slide, selecting Grids and Guides… then putting a tick next to the last option, Display drawing guides on screen. PowerPoint will then display a horizontal and vertical drawing guide crossing slap bang through the middle of your slide.

– To move the drawing guides, click on them from an area outside of your slide, and drag.

– To create additional drawing guides, hold down the CTRL key then click and drag an existing drawing guide line.

– To precisely position your drawing guides, hold down the ALT key while dragging.


With practice you’ll be able to create very detailed grids that will allow you to align multiple objects precisely on the slide without any fuss.