Bag o’ Crap returns 23.59 04/04/2008 is causing a stir amongst its customer base with the continuing saga of its Bag o’ Crap. As their latest newsletter explains:

"Where do I start? How about the Bag Of crap (BOC) for £2.99? Well, you broke our servers, insulted our staff and attacked one another on chat rooms and forums. Some of you showed some absolutely ridiculous political views and made some very bad videos… here we go, your last chance to buy a bag of crap. We have nearly run out can you believe it you have cleared out our warehouse of crap!! – Well done."

Their tongue-in-cheek and candid attitude is remarkably refreshing in today’s hard sell world. And it seems to be working, with all stock selling out in record time. Give it a try in your next marketing campaign!

The next batch of Bag o’ Crap stock will be ready to go on sale at 23:59 on 4th April. Mark the date in your diary if you’re mad enough to want to take part.

As for the videos that customers sent in, they were almost as bad as the contents of the bags they bought. Here’s my pick of a bad bunch. Surely you can do better than this?!: