BigPockets Bag O’ Crap Winner Announced


You’re not going to believe this. After mentioning’s clever ‘Bag O’ Crap’ promotion several times on – thisblog, I decided to enter my own video. And it only went and won the top prize of £200! Fancy that!

My son, the real star of the video and undoubtedly the only reason my video scooped the prize, has decided to invest his share of the winnings in Premium Bonds in the distant hope that he might win some more money! He has much to learn about smart investment strategies… I’ve decided to invest my share in a new barbecue so I can spend the summer months mastering the fine art of turning good food black.

As the old slogan says ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it," so next time you see an interesting competition have a go. Who knows, you might even win.