Change is Inevitable

Did anyone say it better than John C Maxwell?

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

Change, whether or not you like it, will happen. Just as sh*t happens. And most change in your life will be for the better. That’s how the world moves forwards towards better times. Without change, you’d be staring at your hand, lap, or a wall right now, not reading these words on a screen.

You’ll soon forget the change itself, but you’ll experience the new for longer. Change is fleeting; its benefits endure. 

Growth, however, is entirely optional. You actively have to opt-in to that sh*t. Growth is tough too. It’s nice to have the option of living under that metaphorical rock, unaffected by the changes happening around you, grateful to be sheltered from the rains of change.

But it’s only when you step out from under your rock that you can realise it wasn’t even raining. It’s only by embracing change, having the courage to have a go, that you can enjoy the benefits it may bring.

The growth phase may be hard, but the struggle will soon be behind you as you enjoy the warming sunshine of the new. Growth is fleeting; its benefits endure.

Perhaps I could try to say it (a little) better than John C Maxwell:

“Change is inevitable. Your growth is optional.”
Allister Frost

There are positive change opportunities everywhere today. Go grab one.