Get a short URL for your Google+ account

Opinions across the marketing industry remain divided over whether Google+ is the most fantastic development since manned space missions or the most pointlessly misguided invention ever. And I, for one, am firmly rooted somewhere between the two camps: I just can’t make up my mind.

That’s why my personal presence on Google+ is fairly minimalistic. Like all new platforms I’m keen to learn and understand what it can do, but I’ve yet to find a solid justification to spend significant time there.

But, as I would encourage anyone in the digital marketing industry, it’s worth grabbing your plot of land on the Google Plus network so you can be easily found by others should they come looking. In its currently immature and unpolished state, G+ doesn’t do a great job of presenting personal URLs and each user is identified by a long numerical string as in the example below:

Google Plus profile URL example

You could use any URL shortening service to create an neater web address to share with your friends, but a new service at does this quite elegantly by allowing you to create something like (my G+ profile)

You can secure your own short G+ URL now from