Google unveils: what we searched for most in 2010

Google fastest rising queries chart

Today Google released the findings  of its annual study into how we used their search engine over the last 11 months. It presents some fascinating insights into the things that mattered most to us, from Chatroulette to Justin Bieber, and Twitter to Ash Clouds.

The list of the most popular searches is once again dominated by well known online brand names like Facebook, BBC, and YouTube, a helpful reminder that most people still use search engines to find the things they’ve already found in the past.

Our hunger for news was preoccupied with Haiti, Chile, and Lady Gaga, while our consumer electronics obsession fell mostly upon ipads, iphones, and the Nokia 5530. And we also drifted apart from Michael Jackson, Susan Boyle and Swine Flu.

Google kindly provides the data for each major country, making it very easy to explore trends and delve deeper into the data. Fabulous insights for marketers!

Now, if only we could predict what will hit the top in 2011…

There’s even a shiny video. Enjoy!

Google Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review