The Home Wi-fi for Safe Internet Access for Kids

At Internet Safety School we’re always on the lookout for simple ways that parents can help their children live their digital lives to the full, while staying safe and secure.

So we’re excited to be a backer of an innovative new product called Kidokey (also the first—and long-awaited—product we know that rhymes with okeydokey!). Kidokey is a simple wi-fi box that allows children to access the internet without the risk of being exposed to inappropriate content online. The little blue box can be connected to an existing router, instantly creating a separate, filtered wi-fi network that children can use with all their devices. The clever thing about this solution is that it leaves the existing wi-fi network in place, allowing adults to continue to have full, unrestricted access to the internet without worrying about their children doing the same. Just remember to keep the grown-up wi-fi password a closely guarded secret!

Kidokey Setup Diagram

Kidokey also features scheduling and time management controls, allowing adults to switch off internet access at times of their choice, or to limit site access to educational sites during homework hours. That’s a clever feature that parents will love, even if their children may be slightly less enthusiastic! Check out the video below:

The Kidokey product is currently attracting crowdfunding through a Kickstarter campaign, and the creators hope to raise CAD 100,000 (around GB£56,000) to get the device to manufacture and launch. If the project is successfully funded there will be a North American and European version at launch, allowing parents and carers in the UK to use the device safely with the simple addition of a UK socket converter.

This looks like a smart solution to a longstanding problem, and could be a simple addition to many homes, including grandparents’ houses where children may stay and wish to access the internet. We’re looking forward to testing the device properly and we’ll review it fully if the fundraising campaign proves successful. For now though, you can back the project and bag one of the early models on Kickstarter.