How to book a professional motivational speaker

Booking a motivational speaker for a business conference or industry event can be a nerve-wracking task. You don’t want to make a mistake by booking a clown who can barely string a sentence together (unless a mute clown is what you’re really after), nor do you want to spend over the odds to hire a minor celebrity to grace you with their presence and pitiful speaking skills for half an hour. The best speakers are speakers, people with an interesting story to tell and years of training and practice to learn how to deliver it well.

One of the best ways to find a capable, highly skilled speaker is to listen to recommendations from people you trust who also have a good sense of what your audience will enjoy. Your retired next-door neighbour or Wobbly Bob down the pub may not be the best advisors here; you should listen to people who understand your business challenges and event goals.

A pair of oversized yellow clown shoesA good referral is always worth exploring though, and that’s how I get many of my speaking gigs. If you don’t know who to ask for help, a reputable speaker bureau may be a good next step. These are dedicated businesses that represent vetted high quality speakers. Give them your brief, explain what you’re looking for, and they will help you find the perfect speaker for your specific requirements and secure them on your event date. I am represented by several of the big speaker bureaus and they will only recommend me if they think I will be a good fit for your goals. A speaker bureau is usually a safe option because they won’t put their reputation on the line by sending you a clown. Unless you need a clown…

If you find recommendations online, make sure they pass the “sniff test.” You want to be sure the speaker you’ve found is truthful and as experienced as your audience deserves. Speaking can sometimes feel a murky sector to navigate and not everyone has the stage experience they may claim. Look for client feedback, and contact past client directly to see if they would still recommend the speaker.

A little due diligence can go a long way. Take your time, think carefully, don’t get bamboozled by ‘too good to be true’ special offers. You get what you pay for so try not to over or underspend. An hour of stage time in front of your audience can transform mindsets and accelerate the transformation of your business. Only book someone you can trust with this vital mission. If you need more advice, I’m always happy to help. Drop me a WhatsApp or send me a message.

We’ve compiled some of the recent feedback we’ve received from companies that have booked Allister Frost to speak at their big events.

Here’s a selection from the last few months about me, Allister Frost, the Future Ready Mindset speaker:

Wow, what a great guest speaker! Energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. Allister gave the right balance of entertainment/humour with thought-provoking topics and takeaways that kept everyone engaged. His presentation skills were excellent, and his style was well-received by my European colleagues, where English is not their first language. My US colleagues were super impressed and are discussing having Allister speak at their conference in the US next year.

Allister Frost was a fantastic ‘Guest Speaker’ for our Divisions Away Day and was extremely well received by our colleagues as his energy was infectious. Due to the amount of change in our organisation we felt Allister would be perfect and he was. His talk on ‘Future Ready Mindset’ was inspirational, engaging, funny and he talked about change in practical terms that held everyone’s attention. He encouraged individuals to push past their comfort zone and embrace the change in an ever-changing environment.

Allister was great to work with, he really gained an understanding of what we were trying to do at our Annual conference. He brought to life the idea, that for us to be able to embrace change we need to be prepared with a Future Ready Mindset . The team came away energised and ready for the year ahead, thank you Allister for a great session.

We invited Allister to present at our recent programme workshop. Allister’s energy and passion was infectious, he captivated the room and motivated the audience to become “ReadyAlready”. His ability to add humour amongst empowering advice was well received. His contribution to our workshop was powerful and we wish to thank him for making some an impact on our audience! Highly recommended!

Allister gave a fantastic talk to our digital NHS team. His talk was funny, thought provoking and inspiring. He has a wealth of experience and is a true motivator.

“Inspirational” and “Engaging” were two key areas of feedback we received from our delegates at our recent “The Future” Conference. Allister was our guest speaker and took the time to really understand our business to tailor his speech to our venue teams. We hosted 200 Venue Managers from all around the UK, along with some of our international guests. Everyone was gripped with what Allister had to say, and made everyone truly reflective. You are still the talk of the town! Thank you Allister for really making our conference feel so special and inspiring our teams to be future ready.

What an awesome speaker. We booked Allister for our first all finance managers annual get together in Liverpool. It was a group that had gathered from all over the world meeting for the first time. Allister was able to provide a talk that was extremely motivational coupled with fun and laughter and a message everyone could relate to and take back with them as a way forward on how to manage their future for themselves as well as for the business. Just amazing and the team loved him. I hope we get to work together again in the future.

We required a key note speaker to deliver a session to our workforce on ‘openness to change’. Where do you start with that! Well, luckily Allister responded promptly to our request on Bark, and we were able promptly jump on a call and discuss our event, and what we wanted. Allister was really keen to understand the intricate details of our event, to ensure that he could tailor his talk accordingly with maximum impact.
What resulted was a fantastic display of passion, energy and a dash of humour, keeping our workforce focused and engaged whilst delivering some important messages. I highly recommend Allister to other organisations, you won’t be disappointed.

The perfect inspirational speaker for our team annual planning summit. Allister’s narrative helpfully framed the purpose of our event, providing insightful context and positive motivation as we embrace the change which is only accelerating. Allister’s conversation nicely blends useful advice, real world examples with sprinkles of humour! Highly recommended.

We were looking for a keynote speaker to close our Cisco Partner Roadshow events at 2 locations (Midlands and London), someone who could understand the value of partnerships within the technology industry but bring something different to the event and really add value for our guests. Allister did this and more. His presentation was engaging, professional, entertaining and his Future Ready Mindset talk was extremely thought provoking – the feedback from our attendees was fantastic and we could not have been happier with the outcome. Allister even spent some time chatting with our guests post-event which was lovely.
I would highly recommend Allister for any corporate function.

Wow! What a great speaker. We booked Allister for a motivational / pick me up for our recent business conference. Allister came with bags of energy and thought provoking ideas with how we can embrace change and get a future ready mindset! Anyone looking for a energy packed, motivational speaker look no further! Book Allister.

Magnificent speaker. Perfect for what I wanted for my team, whom were low on morale and a little stagnant. Allister made them think and reflect, but also laugh. Although it was the graveyard shift, they were attentive for the full 1hr session and appeared energised following the event. All gave very positive feedback. Highly recommended, for those looking to get their team thinking more positive about work and life in general.

Allister was one of our Guest Speakers during our Academic Summer Programme 2023 in Cambridge. When we decided what we would like to give to our Participants this year, Allister fell into the category easily.
Allister was so easy to work with and very flexible to adapt to the audience. Despite the talk still albeit connected to his career, he can make that a relatable point to our young Participants (13-18) and encourage the Participants’ way of critical thinking. Even the Q&A was very engaging and encouraged further critical thinking even days after the talk! Thank you very much for Inspiring our Participants and providing them with the tools so that they can be more resilient in pursuing their future

Allister spoke at our national retailer conference, helping the audience think differently about how to serve their customers better and evolve their business approach for the shoppers of the future. He was a big hit with the audience, super-easy to work with, and an inspiring speaker who got everyone thinking differently.

Allister was highly professional throughout, from initial engagement through to follow up support after the event at which we’d asked him to speak. We had really good communication throughout the whole process. The event itself was described as the ‘highlight of a great day’ was received universally positively by participants (school leaders) and gave real food for thought as well as a unique perspective. This fulfilled the brief exactly. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Allister for similar events and if I was looking for something similar for another audience, he would be top of the list.