Is Your Chosen Career Heading for Extinction?

A question from the future:

“Grandad, is it really true that people used to fly planes and work in shops? We’re learning about it at school.”

Change is everywhere in a technology-charged world. Many of the jobs people do have changed or disappeared completely in recent years, and some will be barely remembered a few years from now.

So how resilient is your chosen career likely to be in the next two decades? A study by C.Frey and M.Osborne published in The Economist examined how susceptible common jobs are to computerisation. The findings are quite enlightening.

If you’re betting your future income and financial security on a successful career in telemarketing, book-keeping or property sales, you might wish to give the following table some careful thought:

Obsolete Jobs from The Economist

What do you think? Did Frey and Osborne’s computer model get it right? Are we really heading for a future where so many well-established jobs could see such massive disruption?