McDonalds flips out in style in the UK

Marketing news: UK Designer Bruce Oldfield has stepped in to add a little respectability to the uniforms worn by McDonalds staff in the UK. Gone are the garish red smocks, presumably tinted to match the acne on the faces of McDonalds’ young workers. In come subtle shades of beige and brown, and even pencil skirts and scarves for female managers. I think it looks quite smart, but it would take more than a sharp suit to make me eat one of those burgers.

The revamp of all 67,000 UK staff is reported to be costing a whopping £2million. Small change to a chain like McDonalds as they continue their restaurant restyle programme. I wonder if those little star badges that give an indication of how long a member of staff has held a McJob will also get the chop? I really hope so…

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