Microsoft Annual Conference at Wembley

Fun and frolics yesterday at our Microsoft Annual Conference at Wembley. Sadly I wasn’t allowed on the pitch, despite bringing my boots and jumpers for goalposts. Turns out there’s a fairly important concert there on Saturday and the promoter wasn’t keen on my having a kickabout while Madonna did her soundcheck.
Steve got an award of some sort. So did lots of other people. I didn’t, but my reward came in eating three portions of sausage and mash in the post-conference Comedy Lounge. Ed Byrne had us howling, while the Comedy Store Players, including my longtime chum Neil, reminded us once again that laughter can come from anywhere.
Negotiations with Skoda continue. My uncle had a heart bypass. I got a new job at heading up Microsoft UK marketing communications to Consumer, Partner and Developer audiences. And we got a nice boost to our pension programme with increased contribution matching from Microsoft. I’ll be richer now when I retire. Now all I have to do is live long enough to get there.
PS I’ve also decided to stop buying DIY paraphernalia. At 36 years of age there’s a real risk I might not live long enough to use up my massive collection of screws, nails and Rawlplugs. Besides, with all this extra pension money I’ll be able to treat myself to new screws if I make it to 65.