Netflix Socks Mean You’ll Never Miss A Show Again

We’re pretty sure this is exactly what the Internet of Things was invented for. Simply (well, ‘simply’ if you’re an electronics and computing wizard) by following the instructions you can now make yourself a pair of socks that will automagically pause Netflix if you doze off. Yes, really!

Netflix recommends you knit your own socks, and they’ve helpfully provided knitting patterns for popular shows like Bloodline and House of Cards. But any old pair of socks will do, but preferably not those Reindeer ones you got for Christmas…

It’s a silly, but fun, and quite brilliant idea, that goes to show how easy it is these days to connect anything, even your old socks, to the internet to help re-imagine the ways we live our lives.

Watch the video below for more information, or get the full instructions here.

Now, who fancies knitting me a nice pair of Netflix socks? (please!)

PS Socks not your bag? Try the Netflix Switch instead!