Office Live is, er, Live

It’s nice to see that Office Live has now been launched fully in the US and a new beta will start on November 21st in the UK, Japan, France and Germany. If you would like to have your own website but haven’t tried out Office Live yet  then you could be in for a treat. The Office Live Basics service is completely free (yes, really!) and allows you to register a domain at no cost, gives you 500MB of web storage space, 25 email addresses and a comprehensive set of web design tools to you can customise your website to your heart’s content! It’s the ideal solution for small businesses owners looking to give their company a simple web presence. More advanced (and much less free) services are also available if you need more web storage space, customer relationship management features and online project management tools. Check out the US site at and check back after November 21st if you’re based in one of the four new beta countries.