Sticky Notes – free productivity tool in Windows 7

image Fed up with all those Post-it notes cluttering your desk? Wondering why you’re spending more at the stationery store than ever before? Maybe you’ll be pleased to discover the Sticky Notes magic in Windows 7!

To get started, just type Sticky Notes in the program launch bar under the Start button. A blank sticky note will appear on your desktop and from here your job is as simple as typing in whatever it is you need to remember.

You can also customise your Sticky Notes quite a lot. To change the colour right-click on the note and select a different colour. To add another note, hit the + symbol in the top left. To change the formatting of the note (although, unfortunately, not the typeface) try these handy shortcuts:

  • CTRL+B = bold
  • CTRL+U = underlining
  • CTRL+T = strikethrough (useful for crossing items off your list)
  • CTRL+I = italics
  • CTRL+SHIFT+> = increase font size
  • CTRL + SHIFT+< = reduce font size

By the way, all those keyboard shortcuts work elsewhere in Microsoft applications like Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Outlook and once you’ve memorised them you’ll be using them all over the place before long!