Technology to talk about

This is the first sentence I’ve ever dictated to a blog.  I’m using my new laptop with Windows Vista Ultimate edition.  Learning to dictate a blog entry is surprisingly easy.  It’s worth taking the simple and quick tutorial to help you learn the basic commands.  But I have to admit it all feels very weird.  The biggest problem I expect to encounter is that I am going to look pretty stupid doing this in the office.  I also imagine that I’ll get a sore throat before long.  I won’t pretend that I dictated this perfectly first time.  I made a few mistakes that were easy to correct and I’ve not had to use my mouse or keyboard.  Anyway, give it a try, it’s really simple and very accurate.  To get started type speech recognition into the search bar under the Start button.  (Blimey, I even managed some formatting there and brackets, or parentheses as they’re known, here!) This is so good it’s starting to freak me out!