Thank you

Wherever possible I love to collect feedback from clients to help us understand how to improve.

Last week we updated some sections of our website and refreshed a few dozen of the testimonials dotted across the site. Reading through so many kind words was a humbling experience. I was really touched by the gratitude expressed and, most importantly, energised by the knowledge that we get to help so many people.

We imported the feedback forms from the last couple of years into a clever tool that identifies the most frequently used words and puts them into a funky word cloud. Here’s the result:

So, thank you for all your support. We’re excitedly looking forward to helping more organisations in the years to come. But, above all, the greatest reward is knowing that we can do a great job and that our advice and support is making a real difference in the world.


PS We are also now recognised as a top Consulting Firm on DesignRush. You can find us here.