That pesky new Windows Vista power button!

Windows Vista users quickly spot that when they press the power button inside the Start menu their PC goes into sleep mode by default. This is one of the power- and time-saving features of Windows Vista – a PC in sleep mode starts up much more quickly than one that’s been shutdown. If you want to hibernate or shutdown the PC you have to click on the neighbouring small arrow to open the complete menu.

The good news is that you can easily reconfigure the big power button so it shuts down the PC rather than sending it to sleep. Here’s how:

1. Go to power options (type power options in the Start menu text box and press enter)
2. Press ‘Change Plan Settings’
3. Press ‘Change advanced power settings’
4. Change your settings for the Start Menu Power Button
All this talk of sleep has made me tired. Guess it’s time for my nap…