The perfect festive gift: Connectedness

Give someone their first time online logo

This is a lovely idea, and one that deserves your support. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a pretty Internet-savvy person. But I’d like you to stop for a moment to ponder what life must be like without all the benefits that the Internet brings. Things like being able to easily and cost-effectively stay in touch with friends and family, to do shopping or banking at home, or be able to tap into the vast information riches of our online world…

That’s why Microsoft is sponsoring a new initiative called Race Online 2010 which goes by the innuendo-packed strapline ‘Give someone their First Time’. There are still 9 million people in the UK who have never been online and this campaign aims to bring that number down to create a truly networked nation by 2012.

There are many easy ways to get involved. At the simplest level you could just give someone their first tour of the Internet. Or, maybe give a neighbour or relative a lift to a local training centre. Or be an ‘angel’ and donate either your old computer to a friend or  training centre, or, if you’re feeling flush, gift a new low-cost web-ready PC.

It’s easy to take the web for granted. Do a good deed this December and help someone else experience the magic by giving them the gift of connectedness.