Timing is everything: when to blog

ClockI don’t get many comments here on my blog, but I do enjoy a growing volume of retweets and backchat on Twitter, and email. So I was interested to see the graphic below from HubSpot Blog that illustrates, based on empirical data from 170,000 blog posts, how many views, links and comments a post is likely to get depending on the time of day it is created.

There’s a sweet spot just before lunch that seems to generate lots of views, and another earlier in the morning that generates links. But it’s the weekend that stands out most with a far greater number of comments being written, especially during late morning.

When is the best time to blog?

I don’t have enough data of my own to corroborate these findings but if you do leave me a comment I’ll share what I learn. Just wait until tomorrow morning; we don’t want to skew the data…