Tracking Santa the digital way

When I was a child, the only way I knew if Santa was nearby on Christmas Eve was by listening for the sound of my dad heaving heavy sacks around downstairs as I lay excitedly in bed. Today, of course, kids have more sophisticated technology at their disposal and the full support of the North American Aerospace Defense Command to help out. For over 50 years, NORAD has been tracking Santa’s path around the globe and this year will be publishing their latest tracking images online on Christmas Eve showing how the bearded wonder is getting on.

According to their site, NORAD uses a radar system called the North Warning System, satellites, SantaCams and jet fighters to bring us this amazing glimpse into Santa’s incredible journey. And it’s the infra red signature from Rudolph’s glowing nose that helps them plot the sleigh’s path around the globe. Santa, of course, is delighted to be tracked in this way and said little more than "Ho Ho Ho" when I asked him if this was true on Instant Messenger.
Don’t believe me? See the video here and be amazed. It’s comforting to know that this expensive technology is being put to such good use and that jet fighter aircraft will be on hand to make sure Santa comes to no harm. And, seeing as Windows Live Local is now a partner of NORAD, I’ll be sure to post the scoop here if I hear any more news from the North Pole.