UsefulTechnology: White Balance Lens Cap

Every so often something appears leaving you wondering “why didn’t I think of that?” Or, in this case, why didn’t Nikon, Canon, or any other camera manufacturer think of this, it’s so blindingly obvious!

If you own an SLR camera and have ever had to colour correct a load of photos because you either forgot to set the white balance or couldn’t find something white to set the balance with, you’ll want one of these: the White Balance Lens Cap.

White Balance Lens Cap

Before you start taking pictures, put your camera into ‘set white balance mode’, take a photo with the lens cap on (something I routinely do!) and your white balance is set! Done! No more dodgy hues, no more forgetting, no more lost hours post-correcting the colour balance.

Available for lens thread sizes from 52mm to 77mm from Photojojo.

Thanks to SwissMiss for sharing this.