Valentine’s Day: The Ultimate Geek Gift

This has to be the very pinnacle of geekdom gift buying. By wearing an ‘8-bit Dynamic Life’ t-shirt you can now boldly sport six red hearts across your chest.

"So what?" I hear you cry. Here’s what: give the other t-shirt to your lover/partner/target, and your hearts will light up the closer you get. How geek-filled is that?

Thanks to this wonder of modern technology the object of your desires will be known to all around you. And you need no longer fear your partner wandering off with another mate, nor have to worry about unwanted attention from others trying to catch your eye*.

Uber-geeks who, let’s be frank, are unlikely to have anything resembling a partner in their life, can opt to buy one t-shirt plus a transmitter pack. Then by secreting the transmitter near their computer, the hearts on their t-shirt will light up whenever geek and computer are together. How lovely!

Demand for the t-shirts has been phenomenal in the run up to Valentine’s Day and all sizes are currently out of stock. You can place a back order here.

Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.

* Author’s note: this has never happened to me.