What’s in your email signature?

I’ve always thought an email signature says a lot about a person. What’s up with these people who don’t include their phone number or anything helpful for their readers? Isn’t that the point of an email signature? To leave the recipient in no doubt about who you are and what makes you tick…

Mind you, an email signature doesn’t have to be fancy. Unless, of course, you wish to convey how fancy you are. But it must be useful. The bare minimum would seem to be your full name, company, and one or two additional contact details. But you can throw in whatever you like, including the kitchen sink.

I update my signature every few months, or whenever boredom strikes. I’m a visual guy, so it’s all pictures and colour at the bottom of my emails, but a simple bit of text does the trick for most people.

Here’s my latest effort:

Allister Frost's email signature

What do you think?

What’s in your email signature? And is it time for a refresh?