Why you’ll love Xobni!

Xobni: it's inbox backwards

As an email addict, I think Xobni Insights for Outlook (Beta) is an amazing tool. I’ve been playing with it for a while now and I really like the fact that I can instantly read threaded conversations and zip around between senders and recipients.

Even better though are the analytics which let me instantly see how many emails I get from each recipient at each hour of the day, and a gazillion other interesting stats on top. Among the instant insights I got into my email behaviour are:

  • My boss only replies to around 1 in 10 of the emails I send her. Grrr!
  • The student intern in my team has never sent me an email between the hours of 12 and 1pm. (That’s because he loves his food too much to leave the canteen at this time!)
  • My average email response time is around 12 hours, but rose as high as 22hours in December when I was insanely busy.
  • My worst ever email response time is 52 days!
  • My inbound email peaks at 11am each work day, while my outbound email peaks an hour earlier at 10am.
  • I send emails to around 200 unique contacts each month.
  • I still spend too much time dealing with emails.

I have two private beta invites remaining for this tool. If you’d like one contact me at Xobnisoundscool@usefultechnology.co.uk telling me why Xobni would help you. The two best emails received will get a Xobni invite and instant email happiness!