Work from the heart

There’s only so much enthusiasm any human being can show for something they don’t really believe in. And while most employees can muster interest in almost anything for a short period of time, maybe one or two years, few are able to sustain credible warmth towards their work without being motivated from the heart.

Your grandparents, who were always right, told you to find work that you love. And nowhere is this more important than in customer-facing jobs like sales and marketing.

And it’s no different when it comes to representing brands online. In my experience social media superstars are invariably motivated from the heart. They happily share their passion and enthusiasm for the brand because they truly believe in what it can do for their customers. They are motivated by a higher purpose than their next pay cheque. And it’s their manager’s job to bring out this passion and empower their staff to show it through whichever communication channels will best meet the company’s goals.

Find your passions. Find your heart. And pursue those dreams on your journey towards becoming a social media superstar.