Yet another Clipboard enhancer


If you find that the ClipboardManager gadget for Windows Vista just doesn’t have the ‘ooomph’ that you need, try Yankee Clipper 3. YC3 is a handy little freeware application that keeps a record of everything (and I mean everything) that you place in your clipboard (by copying or cutting). It resides in your toolbar and works in all applications. It will sort your clipboard entries by type (text, pictures, rich text, URLs etc) and even allows you to create "boilerplate" clippings that you regularly use. So, for example, if you’re forever typing your home address or pasting your company logo into documents you could save time by turning these into boilerplate clippings so they’re never more than a mouse click away. It can even strip out messy quote characters like "<" from your clippings. Try the free version (1.06MB download) from here. You’ll like it.

And, if you fancy an even more powerful clipboard tool that can recover deleted clippings, has support for up to 5 collections, and can even let you associate clippings with hot keys, take a look at Yankee Clipper X (YCX). There’s a free 90 day trial, after which it costs just $14.95 to keep forever. I think regular clipboard users will quickly appreciate the great value this represents.