How to instantly add every World Cup match to your calendar

Brasil World Cup 2014I’ve spotted lots of web traffic coming through to an old blog post I wrote around the time of the last World Cup, where I shared advice on how to add the football matches to your Outlook calendar. This tells me this is still a popular thing to do, so here are the simple instructions you need to add all the matches of the Brazil 2014 competition that kicked off last night:

  1. First up, copy this link: webcal:// (right-click, then Copy Link Address)
  2. In Outlook, open your Calendar, then right-click on ‘My Calendar’ (usually in the bottom left of the window
  3. Select ‘Add Calendar,’ then ‘From Internet’
  4. Now paste in the URL you copied in step 1 above
  5. Customise the settings if needed, then click OK

Note: your options may differ depending on which version of Outlook you are using. For advice on other calendar types like Google Calendar, and iOS, check out this handy FeintZebra page.

That’s it, now you need never miss a match!

Enjoy the World Cup and ‘Come on England’!