Career choices for the corporate social strategist

Your career gift to yourselfIf, like me, your work calls on you to provide guidance and insights into the directions the social web is taking us, you may wish to spend a little time this festive season pondering where your career could take you.

Jeremiah Owyang of recently posted a thought-provoking piece on the two career paths open to the ‘Corporate Social Strategist’. One path leads to a proactive future overseeing scalable social business programs, while the other descends into the reactive misery of manning the ‘Social Media Help Desk’:

Two career paths diagram

For many, the Career Decision Point is fast-approaching. After the initial flurry of excitement and the realisation, and eventual acceptance, that ‘this whole social thing’ isn’t going away anytime soon comes the potentially catastrophic moment when the cultural tectonic plates collide. The battle between the old and the new cultures will be bloody and destructive, and there can be only one winner if marketers are to survive and thrive in our new world. For the social strategist, being prepared and ready for this battle requires vision and forward-planning. And to attack before having to defend will invariably prove a wise decision in the long-term.

You’re probably now wondering what skills you’ll need to prepare for battle. Check out the table below (click to enlarge):

Career phases table

Jeremiah’s full report is available from here. Let me know what you think.