Cherry-picking great ad placements online

Nokia boss admits "we're years behind" screenshot

No doubt about it, Facebook offers some of the most precisely targeted banner advertising placements available on the web today. But, while Facebook may be getting all the headlines, it’s worth remembering the immense value you can also get from cleverly placed banner adverts.

The example above is from my company, Microsoft, and illustrates how cherry-picking the best editorial locations for your advertising can give you great standout in the places that matter the most. That’s why you’ll find ads heralding “Less out of touch, more in the know” for Windows Phone 7 alongside an article about Stephen Elop, a former Microsoft executive and now CEO of Nokia, telling Nokia staff that they are “years behind” and “standing on a burning platform.”

Don’t forget the value of traditional advertising approaches on the web. Just be sure to be really smart when picking your placements.