Compère beyond compare

Drat! I have to compère (that’s French for ‘make a fool of oneself’) an event at work on Friday so it’s time to dust off the lame jokes collection. The brief is, well, loose to say the least, but I think I’ll be in charge of introducing each presenter, making semi-coherent connections between topics, and generally keeping the audience awake.

The best advice I ever got on public speaking was to be sure to stop speaking before the audience stops listening. Wise words that I’ll be employing throughout the day. Got any good jokes? Living with a five year old has taken its toll on my sense of humour, leaving me chortling in response to weak gags like: ‘Why do dogs wags their tails? Because no-one will do it for them’. Or, ‘Doctor, doctor, I feel like a spoon. Sit there and don’t stir.’ So, if you have any smart suggestions let me know. You can comment on this blog or tweet in my direction at @allisterf.