Crowd-sourcing: Driving down the price of a Skoda

imageI’m a Skoda driver, and proud of it. So it comes as no surprise to me to see Skoda doing some clever digital marketing to promote one of their cars.

Skoda Belgium is currently running a crowd-sourcing promotion to sell a Skoda Fabia car via Facebook. The starting price of the car is 12,950 euros, which drops by 2 euros every time someone clicks on the Facebook Like button. As I type the price is down to 10,480 euros,  almost a 20% discount. The catch? There’s only one car for sale in the promotion and this is a Dutch auction so you can see the price falling but have to decide when to offer to buy to get the lowest possible price.

What’s really clever here is that by ‘liking’ the Facebook page you’re not only driving down the price for one lucky buyer (which gives you instant gratification), you’re also opting in to receive updates in your Facebook stream from Skoda Belgium so they can keep you informed of future offers and new car launches.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

image image