Customers live in the present, not the future

In our efforts to stay up-to-date and on top of the latest opportunities we sometimes forget that customers only really care about what they can get now, not what we might have to offer at some point in the future.

Website going live this month flash in press adTake this press ad for instance. I’m sure the advertiser is really excited about their new website, but only a stir-crazy fanboy would make an appointment to witness the moment the site goes live as it happens.

The time to promote your new website, your sales prices, your ad campaign, your shiny new product,… is when it’s available for customers to see, try, taste, buy… Any earlier and you’re wasting precious attention on a future promise that no-one else cares about.

We live in a “now economy” where customers expect instant gratification. Don’t kid yourself into thinking they care about your world as much as you do. We live, sell, succeed in the present, not in the future.