Free e-book: Internet Safety

The roads are getting congested, which can mean only one thing: the new school term has just begun. And with the start of a fresh academic year comes a new season of evening presentations that I’ll be giving to parents at schools across Surrey, Kent, and Berkshire to help them understand the importance of internet safety and keeping their children from harm while online.

Own Your Space e-book coverHigh up my job list is a task to narrate and upload my latest presentation to the web so more parents can get to see it. I’ll do that soon I promise, but until then you may enjoy a new e-book from Microsoft entitled “Own Your Space”. This e-book is aimed at teenagers and explains a host of common online threats like cyber bullying, phishing, and spyware.

But, even if your teenage years, like me, are well behind you, you’ll probably find some invaluable advice in this book .

Download the e-book directly from here and, if you want all chapters, choose either of the first two links labelled:

  1. Microsoft .XPS format (requires Windows 7, Windows Vista or IE6 or later)
  2. Adobe .PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader)
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