Get A Career Timeline: your work-life infographic by timeline is a relatively new online service that helps you present your career history in a more engaging, graphical way than sites like LinkedIn.

With the ways people find and consume information changing as we embrace new digital communication channels, the ability to present a visual resume (CV) is increasingly valuable. does this in a really neat way, by importing an existing profile from LinkedIn and instantly presenting it in a visually pleasing way. It’s like a near-instant, free infographic of your CV, that you can customise using the provided themes or your own photos. You can even link to your full CV as well as any of the major social networks where you have a presence. stats exampleThe site also provides top levels statistics so you can see how many people have viewed your profile over time and how long they typically spend on the page. The team is exploring the options for premium (paid for) accounts in the future, a key feature of which may be more detailed analytics and additional ready-made themes.

But the service can go far beyond the basic features you get by importing data from LinkedIn. Take a look at Founder and CEO Stephen Years’ page at and you’ll begin to appreciate how beautifully can present your experiences and work history. All it takes is a little profile tweaking

The site had some major downtime issues in recent days when the .vu domain went down, but it’s back up and firing on all cylinders again.

Take a trip over to and grab a great user name before the best ones get snapped up. I’m