Get the all new Windows Live

WindowsLiveLaunchDay The shiny new ‘unified installer’ for Windows Live has been released today. You can get it from

While you’re there, if you fancy a shorter, neater, altogether more snappy Windows Live account address you’ll be pleased to know that free registrations of [name] and [name] are now available. If you’re fast you might just grab a lovely short little address!

If you have multiple Windows Live accounts, be sure to link them using the new feature that you’ll find under your signed in name after you’ve logged in. By linking accounts you need only sign in to any Windows Live account once and then you can switch between your other accounts using the drop down box at the top right of your screen. Very handy if you have multiple accounts.

And fans of Windows Live Messenger will enjoy a visit to where you’ll find some nice free stuff to personalise your Windows Live Messenger existence.

There’s a whole lot more goodness to discover. Have a play at and let me know what you think.

Enjoy your new digital life!