LinkedIn To Withdraw Lead Collection on 15 July 2014

LinkedIn-Lead-CollectionLinkedIn Ads includes a feature called Lead Collection that makes it easy for self-service advertisers to gather contact details, including email addresses, from people who engage with their ads. But this feature is set to be withdrawn on 15 July 2014, meaning you have just two weeks left to take advantage of it or withdraw it from your advertising plan.

Important: companies that have made use of the Lead Collection feature should download the details of leads collected from their LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager or risk losing this data on 15 July 2014. LinkedIn Admins may also have kept a backup of automated emails sent from LinkedIn each time someone clicked the ‘Request Contact’ button in the past, so track down this person and make sure the data is secure.

This change is being made by LinkedIn to make way for an as yet unannounced new way to generate business leads. B2B marketers or anyone who depends on generating leads from professional business communities should stay tuned for more news on developments.

Effective immediately, LinkedIn recommends that advertisers place more focus on collecting leads through forms on their landing pages rather than the Lead Collection bar.

Note that this change won’t affect leads collected through other LinkedIn tools or through landing page forms, only those collected directly through the Lead Collection feature.

For more information, see this LinkedIn Support page.