Listening to music while driving in the UK legally

On 8th December our antiquated broadcasting laws will be brought up to date and the use of many of the wireless FM transmitters favoured by owners of MP3 players will no longer be illegal. Yes, you read that write. It will no longer be illegal. If you currently use an FM transmitter, like an iTrip, to play your iPod sounds through your car radio in the UK you are a flagrant criminal. From the 8th December your chances of being ‘banged up to rights’ will drop significantly, but you’ll still need to ensure that your FM transmitter is of the legal variety.
The BBC covered this story yesterday and OFCOM (the Office of Communications) has the full gory details here.
So here’s an idea borrowed from the USA. After the 8th December, tune your FM transmitter to your preferred settings and have a car window sticker made to advertise the frequency you’re transmitting on*. Who knows, you might even get some appreciative honks from passing motorists.
* not recommended if your MP3 player mostly plays music by Steps.