New book: Webs of Influence

I joined Nathalie Nahai for the Chinwag hosted launch of her new book Webs Of Influence last week. It’s a really good book, packed full of insights from psychology studies and new ideas to enhance your online impact.

My only criticism of the book is that it almost contains too many ideas; it will take a sensible, considered marketer to make sense of the multitude of possibilities we face and implement only those changes which will have the biggest impact on their business goals. Without a carefully reasoned plan there’s a real risk your marketing could become slightly randomised as you pick over the wealth of ideas that Nathalie presents throughout the book. So, read with caution and think deeply before rushing to change your plans.

The bottom line: if you’re a fan of the work of pioneers like Dan Ariely or Robert Cialdini, but are looking for a more online focussed exploration of influence I think Nathalie’s book is a great place to start.