Reading List: Neuromarketing

The phrase ‘neuromarketing’ is only around ten years old so it’s no surprise that most marketers have yet to study it extensively. It’s a fascinating topic, blending the latest findings from behavioural economics with breakthroughs in neuroscience. Today’s digital communication platforms give us the perfect test site for putting some of the new theory into practice; there’s really no excuse for not testing out a few hypotheses and measuring what some well-designed neuromarketing can bring to your business.

But where to begin? If you’ve been to one of my talks recently you may have heard about things like scarcity, hidden delights, and visual stimulus. But there’s much, much more to be discovered. Here’s a list of some neuromarketing and behavioural economics books that I’ve enjoyed reading. I’ve included affiliate images below to so you can check them out and decide what’s right for you.

Easy (start here)


A Bit Harder (brace yourself)


My reading list is growing all the time. Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed any related books not mentioned here. Enjoy!