Social Media: “I kind of hate it. I think it’s awful”

I still enjoy watching US comedian Louis CK’s famous “Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy” TV clip where he lambasts people for not appreciating the simple things (and the amazing things) in life. His appearance on the Conan chat show became an online viral hit with 5.4 million viewings on YouTube alone.

This weekend, Joe Higgins of Coup Media reminded me of another great Louis CK clip, also from the Conan Show, where he shares his dislike of Twitter and the fact that cameras in mobile phones mean that many of us now live through life’s most extraordinary moments through a 3 inch screen.

And he’s right too. Life’s too awe-inspiring to view through an artificial medium; our own eyes provide a far better way to experience the world’s wonders as it unveils itself before us every day. Enjoy the clip.